Lynda moved to St Andrews, NB from Montreal five years ago. At 14, she was in a serious accident and had to drop out of school. For years she worked in the kitchen in restaurants for mediocre pay. She had always thought she wanted to work in health care but realized that she would need her GED to achieve this goal. Her biggest challenge was finding a francophone program since she now lived in an anglophone community. The local Adult Learning Centre was able to find a French tutor and now she has only one exam left to complete her GED.

To quote Lynda, "I am very proud of myself and I recommend the Centre for all they do for others. They are extraordinary!"

🥳 Congratulations to Travis Stuart! 🥳

Travis started to upgrade his reading, writing and math skills at our Adult Learning Centre in February, 2022. He has worked very hard and has now been accepted into two NBCC programs for next September: Skilled Trades Techniques and Automotive Service Technician.
Congrats Travis Stuart! We are very happy for you!

We wish him all the best in whichever one he decides to go for! ❤️

"I feel that returning to school has increased my self-esteem. It is never too late to return to school and finish your education"


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