Workplace Essential Skills (WES) training is customized adult training in small groups with a focus on workplace skills

There is no charge for the program, all materials are supplied.  You will also receive a certificate which can be added to your employment profile


If you are interested in participating in the program please contact us! Once we have enough names, we will be in touch about the program!


Location: TBA in Charlotte County


Training will focus on these essential workplace skills:


Document Use

Document use is reading signs, labels, lists, or drawings; interpreting information on graphs; and entering information on forms.


Numeracy is using numbers and thinking in quantitative terms to complete tasks, such as estimating amounts, scheduling, or analyzing data.

Working with Others

Working with Others is working with co-workers, as a member of a team, or in a supervisory position.


Thinking is evaluating ideas or information to reach a rational decision.


To register call 755-7713 Email: or message Charlotte County Adult Learning on Facebook